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Typing Services Are Very Competent At Typing Surveyors Reports

We currently receive regular work from several Surveyors who all have slightly differing needs. The reports range from Building Survey Reports, Homebuyer Reports, Home Condition Reports, Valuation Reports, Home Purchase Survey Reports, Commercial Building Survey Reports and Schedule of Condition Reports.

The formats for these reports range from word documents to internet based templates and contain a variety of tick boxes, drop down menus to assign condition ratings, cutting, pasting and deleting paragraphs as dictated, as well as space for reams of text to be typed in.

All the surveyors convert their dictations to DSS audio files and send them as an attachment on emails but we can accept a huge variety of different audio formats so you can convert your file to a format of your preference as you wish.

We receive anywhere from between one report a day to ten reports a day in total depending on how busy the Surveyors are. We are very versatile and flexible and all reports, no matter how many are received, are returned fully completed within 24 hours.

As it is regular work, the Surveyors are invoiced on a monthly basis, to save them from wasting precious time by having to pay on a more regular basis. All Surveyors reports are transcribed as verbatim intelligent (unless otherwise specified) and are charged at £0.80 per audio minute.

Are you a Surveyor looking for a fast, reliable and accurate but also personal and friendly service? Then look no further, we are the right service for you. Please do not hesitate to contact Nina at ninadouglas@typing-services.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

I donate 10% of all my profits to local, national and international charities, so you can rest assured, not only are you getting all your typing done, you are also donating to a worthy cause.


I believe in delivering a personal service tailored to clients indivdual requirements