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Typing Services - The Story So Far...

A year on from the birth of typing services, what started out as a way to earn some spending money, Typing Services is now a flourishing business.

Launching the Typing Services website back in January 2015, I had no idea that everything I had learnt about website building and optimisation would finally come to fruition, and although it was a shaky start, work has built steadily over the year.

Today’s technology allows clients to contact Typing Services from all over the UK, and not just locally from Nottingham, and come from a varied range of businesses, such as recruitment agencies, Surveyors, Solicitors, holiday parks, NHS Trusts, Accountants and students studying for degrees. Typing Services has also enjoyed a diverse type of work, both from regular sources and one off jobs, such as transcribing 1:1 interviews in strict verbatim and smart verbatim to reports, presentations and minutes transcribed in intelligent verbatim and even the reformatting of CV’S. 1:1 interviews, mainly from students researching their chosen subjects, have covered a huge range of interesting subjects.

In the first few months of setting up Typing Services, I undertook work from an agency, which unfortunately didn't work out and then in the summer of 2015 I managed to get myself involved in a scam, where I lost several hundreds of pounds in unpaid work.

Close to giving up, finally in September of 2015, I secured my first regular client, which kept me going and then in quick succession, other regular clients came on board.

Starting to struggle with the workload I posted a recruitment advert on my website and contracted my first Typist in January 2016. Since then, with a mixture of regular clients, huge one off jobs and a recommendation from a student to her fellow students, I now contract work out on a regular basis.

I am currently still typing myself but I aim to slowly transition from typing to managing Typing Services.

I was so close to giving up but now the future looks rosy for Typing Services and I thank all of our clients for their continued support.

I donate 10% of all my profits to local, national and international charities, so you can rest assured, not only are you getting all your typing done, you are also donating to a worthy cause.


I believe in delivering a personal service tailored to clients indivdual requirements