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Terms and Conditions for Typing Services

  1. Typing Services retain the right to accept or decline any orders for transcription services such as poorly recorded audio's or audio's that contain offensive material.
  2. Typing Services will provide quotations on request as per hourly rates or minutes of dictation. For up to date rates please see How Much Do Typing Services Charge?
  3. Typing Services accepts no responsibility for the work/documents until it reaches the address, inbox or secure storage area owned by Typing Services. This is something to bear in mind, especially with regards to postage of documents, to ensure safe delivery. A confirmation email, text or phone call will be made once work is received.
  4. Any notes/hand written documents/CD's/USB's received through the postal system by Typing Services will be posted back on request and charged to clients invoice. If these do not need to be returned they will be shredded/destroyed after 4 weeks.
  5. Any mistakes, amendments or re-formatting found by the client after completion of work will be amended by Typing Services free of charge. Should these be found, Typing Services should be notified within 48 hours of client receipt.
  6. Invoices will be submitted once work is completed and are to be paid on receipt of the invoice either by BACS, cheque or cash (if hand delivered). Details of how to pay will be clearly stated on the invoice. If hand delivered, mileage will be charged for return journey at 25p per mile. For high volume work or ongoing assignments an invoice will be issued monthly.
  7. Any work that needs to be printed will be free of charge for the first 10 pages then charged at 25p per page thereafter.
  8. All work received will be treated as highly confidential. Once work has been completed this will be saved with Typing Services and will be kept on file or computer for 4 weeks before being erased/shredded unless it is requested by the client to be earlier/later.

I donate 10% of all my profits to local, national and international charities, so you can rest assured, not only are you getting all your typing done, you are also donating to a worthy cause.


I believe in delivering a personal service tailored to clients indivdual requirements