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Typing Services has recently undertaken a huge project whereby a stately home was surveyed and a very comprehensive and complicated report was required to be produced. The completed report was submitted on an excel spreadsheet which comprised of 214 pages, 2032 items, over 1,000 photographs and a summary.

The building consisted of two wings and a main building containing 81 rooms or spaces. In addition, externally there were many roofs and chimneys to consider, as well as external walls, windows and doors. Internally, walls, doors, joinery items, fixtures and fittings, electrics, fireplaces and decorations were also considered. That is not even mentioning the numerous gardens and outbuildings the survey entailed as well.

The report took 39 dictation tapes, totalling over 25 audio hours, resulting in approximately 100 hours of work.

Typing Services thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in such a project and it was a great learning experience. The main challenges were item numbering, as not every line was numbered and so had to be done manually and reordering the spreadsheet, so that sections ran in a logical order. Racing to meet deadlines was also another challenge but that all comes part and parcel within the typing services industry and one which many typists will resonate with.

Typing Services undertakes work from several Chartered Surveyors and we are very experienced at what we do. If you are a Chartered Surveyor and require help with the typing of your reports, then look no further. At £1.10 per audio minute and a 48 hr turnaround, we are the ones for you.

I donate 10% of all my profits to local, national and international charities, so you can rest assured, not only are you getting all your typing done, you are also donating to a worthy cause.


I believe in delivering a personal service tailored to clients indivdual requirements